Janet L. Sharp

About Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is the kind of therapy in which I specialize. It is a form of talk therapy that relies on careful listening and exploration, rather than homework or directions from the therapist. In particular, psychodynamic refers to the idea that the human mind, or psyche, is complex and active. It is rooted in the fact that we all are motivated by factors both within and outside our conscious awareness. Becoming more self-aware can lead to better solutions to life’s problems.

People who can benefit from psychodynamic therapy tend to be curious about their own mind and behavior. Often, they have sought guidance from others or worked to solve their problems on their own, and are disappointed in the results. And often they are aware that they have thoughts and feelings that are in conflict, making it more difficult to resolve their difficulties. The opportunity to speak confidentially with an experienced therapist is an approach they are ready to try.