Janet L. Sharp


A central tenet of my work is that talking with an experienced psychotherapist about one’s difficulties and feelings can promote insight and understanding, as well as a sense of being understood, which is so important. People who suffer from mental and emotional distress, whether because of mental illness, an acute crisis, past trauma, or the ordinary problems of living, frequently can benefit from talking with a psychodynamic psychotherapist.

While flexible in my approach to work with patients, I am a strong proponent for psychodynamic thinking and therapy, which take the individual’s unique, complicated inner life into account. My work is firmly rooted in the belief that the ways that we think, feel, and behave are the product of an interaction between endowment, upbringing, life experiences, culture and the meaning that we ascribe to each of these components.

My practice is governed by the basic principles of respect for individual differences and individual rights, including courteous and confidential treatment and a high standard of care.