Janet L. Sharp, M.A., LPCC-S Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis in Cleveland, Ohio


My consulting practice consists of services that differ from psychological treatment but reflect my perspective on how people think, feel, and learn. Mental health professionals, as well as other professionals and organizations can benefit from my consulting services.

Why do mental health professionals seek your consultation?

Mental health professionals universally experience challenges in their work because of its emotional intensity and highly personal nature. The fact that tremendous differences exist between patients means that no two courses of treatment are alike. In addition, psychiatric and psychological work gives rise to feelings in the provider that must be recognized and understood in order to benefit rather than interfere with the therapy. For these reasons, it is not only suggested, but necessary, that mental health professionals periodically consult other experienced therapists on their more difficult work.

Some of the situations in which consultation is recommended are ethical dilemmas; possible boundary violations; feelings about patients that are difficult to manage; aberrations from one’s usual way of working; difficult problems or illnesses with which the therapist lacks expertise; a desire to learn about working more psychodynamically; and a wish to enrich one’s experience and improve as a therapist. Therapists who practice without the support of colleagues or experts in their field run greater than normal risks of overlooking and repeating technical mistakes and, in the worst case scenarios, harming their patients. The potential rewards of seeking advice from an experienced colleague are considerable.

What types of consultation are available to mental health professionals?

I offer both individual and group consultations for experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and clinical social workers. Individuals typically have a series of confidential sessions in which we explore ethical or clinical matters of concern. For private practice groups and nonprofit agencies, I usually arrange to meet with the staff onsite for case conferences and topics of special interest. Continuing education presentations are also available.

I also conduct psychotherapy with mental health professionals who want to pursue a more in-depth personal exploration of themselves.

How much time and money are involved in a consulting relationship?

Whether you are seeking a clinical consultation or confidential case conferences for a professional group, the costs depend on the nature and scope of the issues to be addressed. Although some situations can be resolved relatively quickly, difficult clinical situations may require longer term collaboration. There are no shortcuts to adequately assessing complex problems, working together in progressive steps towards improvement, integrating new knowledge, and consolidating change. It is critical to my approach that I not only impart knowledge but also work closely with you to achieve your goals . The cost is determined on a case by case basis.