Janet L. Sharp, M.A., LPCC-S Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis in Cleveland, Ohio


Hello.  My name is Janet Sharp, and I am a psychoanalyst, supervising clinical counselor, educator, and owner of a private psychotherapy practice in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. In my clinical work, I specialize with adolescents over 15 and young adults with a wide array of difficulties involving identity, anxiety, depression, complicated relationships, dependency and independence, and many other problems. In addition, I work with adults of all ages, including individuals, couples, and parents seeking consultation on understanding and helping their children.

While flexible in my approach, I am a strong proponent for psychodynamic thinking and therapy, which take the individual’s unique, complicated inner life into account.

In addition to my psychotherapy practice, I maintain teaching positions at the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center, and in psychiatry residency training programs at both University Hospitals Case Medical Center and the Cleveland Clinic. Previously, I was an instructor at the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University. The teaching, consulting, and supervision that I do reflects my commitment to helping new generations of psychiatrists and other clinicians appreciate the importance of treating their patients, or clients, as complex individuals, rather than members of a diagnostic class.

I also serve on the Board of Directors of Family Connections, a local organization that provides early literacy, parenting support, and school readiness services to families with children aged 0-6.

My educational background includes an undergraduate degree at Oberlin College and Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Central Michigan University, and I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Supervisory designation.  At the post-graduate level, I trained extensively in child and adolescent psychoanalysis at the Cleveland Center for Research in Child Development (Hanna Perkins Center) and completed my training in adult psychoanalysis at the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Institute.  I am indebted to my own children, as well as the many people who have consulted me over the years, for educating me about the infinitely various ways that individuals think, feel, and develop.

My Facebook page can be found at Janet L. Sharp, Psychotherapist. Follow me on Twitter @janetsharp.